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Our fruit is sourced from strategically located partner vineyards throughout Australia, we work very closely with dedicated growers to complement our fruit intake in poorer years.

The Vineyards Range:
Barossa Valley - South Australia 
The Barossa Valley is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigeous wine regions. The region is located in South Australia, 56 km northeast of the city of Adelaide were our winemaker grew up.
Each year our winemaker selects specific parcels of premium fruit from the best vineyards of the Barossa with a focus on Rhone varieties (Shiraz and Cabernet) that are so ideally suited to the soil and climate of the area.
The fruit only qualifies for inclusion if he is inspired by the generous and rich fruit flavours that will result in the creation of a wine with a characteristic Australian Style.
Alternative Varieties - Alternative Styles

Under the RDS label we bottle our alternative varieties and emerging wine styles.

Our winemaker' history of making wine in Italy combined with his love of Italian food results in a strong Mediterranean flavour to this label. Our winemaker's goal is to create a series of wines suited to our climatic conditions as well as our fine food culture in 2012.

Our winemaker's belief for minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process also accumulated in producing Premium Organic / Preservative Free wines expressing the true characteristics of variety and region in 2014 under this label. 

Explore these exciting new wines to discover something different.  




Homestead Reserve Range:
South Australia - Riverland

Located 2½ hours north east of South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, the Riverland wine region is home to 600kms of the majestic River Murray.

Blessed with vast open spaces, the Riverland enjoys a consistent Mediterranean climate and an enviable lifestyle. Long days of sunshine results in sun kissed grapes and sustainable growing conditions. Woven around the River Murray, ensuring sensitivity to the region's natural rugged landscape and wild life, Riverland growers are amoung Australia’s most dynamic and innovative. 

The Riverland is a wine powerhouse accounting for more than 50% of South Australia’s total crush, up to 30% of Australia’s annual production, and represents a significant proportion of Australia’s exported wine. It is safe to say that chances are you’ve enjoyed wine from the Riverland.




Outback Release Range:

Australia - South East Australia


Rather than being a wine region in the standard sense, it's officially classified as a viticultural 'super zone'.

SEA covers the entire south-eastern third of Australia, a vast area whose western boundary measures some 1250 miles (2000 km) and reaches from the Pacific coast in Queensland to the Indian Ocean coast in South Australia. Between these two oceans the Australian continent offers up dry riverbeds, rainforest, mountain ranges, endless scrubland, red deserts and eventually the cooler wine-growing valleys of the south coast. The south-eastern halves of both Queensland and South Australia are covered by the title, as well as New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in their entirety.